Resonance Health offers patients magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) based alternatives to invasive medical procedures. Patients need no longer undergo the painful, time consuming process of liver biopsy for the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment planning for iron overload or fatty liver disease.

Resonance Health offers the following services:

  • FerriScan® – MRI Measurement of Liver Iron Concentration for patients with overload disorders (offered with or without a Cardiac T2* measurement for a more complete overview of iron loading)
  • HepaFat-Scan® - MRI Measurement of Liver Fat for patients with fatty liver disease.

Our methods only require patients to have a quick, easy and painless MRI scan. There is no risk from radiation and the process does not require any contrast agents.

Our products are quality assured and regulatory cleared in USA, Europe and Australia; assuring we provide accurate and reliable results.

If you suspect you may have an iron overload condition or fatty liver disease, please see your clinician for a referral to one of our approved Radiology Centres.