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Resonance Health proudly delivers FerriScan for accurate assessing of body iron stores
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FerriScan is an analysis service that provides an accurate measurement of liver iron concentration (LIC) through a non-invasive, MRI-based technology.

The process uses patented spin density projection R2-MRI imaging technology. MRI images are captured and securely transmitted to the FerriScan ISO 13485 accredited analysis facility. The patented FerriScan analysis procedure produces a map of liver iron and calculates a mean LIC measurement.

Results are then available for secure download within a target time of 48 hours.

FerriScan analysis provides proven accuracy in the determination of liver iron concentration, the highest sensitivity and specificity over the range of liver iron concentrations of any MRI-based method of LIC measurement and results that are reliable and reproducible over time and across different models of MRI scanner.

Professor Swee Lay Thein

Consultant Haematologist and Professor of Molecular Haematology, King's College Hospital and King's College London Medical School

"FerriScan is our preferred tool for determining Liver Iron Concentration as it has greater sensitivity and specificity to other MRI methods, providing a quantitative value which gives better guidance in monitoring.

"FerriScan has regulatory approval and offers a quality-assured service. We use FerriScan to screen patients for iron overload and to optimise any chelation treatment required through accurate monitoring.

"We are now also using the dual analysis service (FerriScan + cardiac T2*) provided by Resonance Health, which provides a complete picture of iron loading in the liver and the heart where required. Demand for FerriScan and the dual analysis service is increasing as this has  a valuable role in both primary and secondary iron overload conditions."

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FerriScan provides quality assured data acquisition and analysis accredited to international quality standard ISO 13485

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FerriScan Analysis Service Tracking system

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What does FerriScan do?

FerriScan provides a baseline measurement of the precise concentration and distribution of iron in the liver.

FerriScan analyses assist clinicians acquire a definitive iron overload diagnosis.

FerriScan provides the ability to achieve an optimised treatment that is matched to the exact level of iron loading to produce positive outcomes.

Why use FerriScan R2 MRI to measure LIC?

Performance and limitations of R2*/T2* relaxometry liver iron measurements. Download pdf   

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Key FerriScan features:

  • The FerriScan imaging protocol is easily established on most 1.5 Tesla scanners
  • FerriScan requires only a 10 minute scan time and no contrast agents are needed
  • There is no requirement for customers to purchase new software or hardware.
    Costs are incurred per scan only.
  • FerriScan has high sensitivity and specificity over the range of liver iron concentration measurement
  • FerriScan results are unaffected by inflammation, fibrosis or cirrhosis
  • International regulatory clearances and approvals (USA, Europe, Australasia)
  • ISO 13485 certification of analysis procedures
  • A centralised analysis facility providing security of data and 48-hour results turnaround