21 Oct ACG 2022 Annual Scientific Meeting, Charlotte, North Carolina

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FerriScan Case Study Challenge

21 December, 2015

FerriScan R2-MRI is now the recognised global gold standard in measurement of liver iron concentration. It has largely replaced liver biopsy in many countries, saving patients the discomfort and risks associated with invasive procedures. The scientific rigor underpinning FerriScan’s calibration and validation, together with the quality-assured service delivery, means that clinicians now confidently use the reported results to monitor their patients’ liver iron concentration (LIC) and to optimise their treatment.


How to share your clinical experience of FerriScan with us

Resonance Health, provider of the FerriScan service seeks to collaborate with Centers of Excellence who regularly provide FerriScan to their patients, to provide data on how accurate measurement of LIC has assisted clinicians in managing their patients and resulted in improved outcomes.

How to prepare your Case Study

  • An example template to guide the information included is availalbe here
  • Provide de-identified data on patient’s underlying condition, serum ferritin value, other relevant observations and available historical data, e.g. liver or cardiac T2*
  • Include graphs / charts for reinforcement
  • Explain the reason for commencing monitoring with FerriScan and their FerriScan LIC result
  • Describe any changes to the treatment regime that resulted
  • Detail subsequent changes to LIC if available
  • Include any other information you deem important

One case study will be selected from each of the following categories:

  • Myelodysplastic Syndrome
  • Hereditary Hemochromatosis
  • Thalassemia Major
  • Sickle Cell Disease and
  • Other (e.g. Diamond Blackfan Anemia, Non-Transfusion Dependant Thalassemia)

Honoraria of US $300 available to five FerriScan Case Studies selected by a panel of experts

All selected Case Studies will be published on the Resonance Health website and included in educational materials distributed internationally. Fifteen selected submissions will also receive a Childrens’ Play Specialist Pack for their radiology centre.

Please submit your Case Study via email by the deadline of 31 March 2016 to


Queries may also be directed to info@resonancehealth.com or by telephone on +618 9286 5300