21 Oct ACG 2022 Annual Scientific Meeting, Charlotte, North Carolina

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Dr Wenjie Pang

29 September, 2015

Dr Wenjie PangDr Wenjie Pang

Technical & Research Manager


Wenjie hails from China, where he enjoyed a successful career researching magnetism in different forms. He came to the University of Western Australia as a visiting research fellow in the Department of Physics. Following an International Scholarship to study for his PhD and some time at the University of Colorado in the US, Wenjie became one of the first employees of Resonance Health in 2005.

Wenjie’ s roles in the company have been pivotal and varied. He has been heavily involved in R&D across FerriScan, HepaFat-Scan and liver fibrosis measurement and his work has also resulted in a significant shortening of the MRI scan time required for FerriScan. Most recently Wenjie has worked closely with the marketing team to explore the market in China and provide clinical education.

Since moving to Western Australia, Wenjie and his wife greeted the arrival of their second child, and he enjoys playing bridge and various sports in his spare time.