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FerriScan® Information for Clinicians

12 March, 2015

FerriScan is being used by clinicians in over 30 countries worldwide to aid their diagnosis, management and monitoring of iron overload.

FerriScan is a solution with proven value in improving the health outcomes of patients suffering from diseases such as thalassaemia, sickle cell disease, haemochromatosis and myelodysplastic syndrome.

Frequently Asked Questions

Case Studies

A number of case studies referencing FerriScan have been published by centres of excellence:

Use of FerriScan in Disease Management

FerriScan provides the clinician with:

  • A baseline measurement of the precise concentration and distribution of iron in the liver
  • Assistance in providing a definitive iron overload diagnosis
  • The ability to optimise treatment based on the level of iron loading; thereby enabling positive treatment outcomes

Use of FerriScan in Iron Overload Management Protocols

Iron Overload Information and Evidence of FerriScan Use (Presentations)

Scientific Evidence in Iron Overload Measurement

Resonance Health has developed a reputation for the highest standards of scientific rigour, which is underpinned by our company-wide commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

FerriScan has been validated by international regulatory authorities and is widely used by major pharmaceutical companies in clinical trial settings.

A number of scientific publications have provided evidence for the use of FerriScan in clinical management of iron overload conditions.

FerriScan: Patient Management Guidelines

An increasing number of patient treatment guidelines for thalassaemia, sickle cell disease, myelodysplastic syndrome and haemochromatosis recommend using MRI to quantitatively measure liver iron concentration.

For a compiled list of treatment guidelines involving R2 MRI (FerriScan), please click here.