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FerriScan® Information for Patients

13 March, 2015

FerriScan – the Non-invasive Liver Iron Test

FerriScan is a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-based technology for the non-invasive measurement of liver iron concentration. The test is designed to assist in the diagnosis and treatment planning for patients with iron loading disorders (commonly referred to as "iron overload" conditions).

Perth patient, John Falconer, who was diagnosed with haemochromatosis when he was 75, says that FerriScan was a great alternative to an invasive liver biopsy.

"I have had three MRI's now and would recommend FerriScan to anyone. The results are quick and give a very informative report and accurate reading of your iron liver concentration. The scans have helped monitor and plan my treatment. I certainly wouldn't have wanted to have a liver biopsy."
– John Falconer.

What Does FerriScan Offer You?

  • A non-invasive – safe and painless alternative to biopsy.
  • An accurate result, allowing for early disease detection which can prevent long term damage.
  • Large image area which decreases sampling error and provides a more reliable and meaningful result than liver biopsy.
  • A faster alternative, resulting in reduced anxiety for patients by providing a reduction in testing and result waiting times.
  • A test which can be used repeatedly, allowing for increased quality of life through more efficient testing and treatment programs.

"I was a nurse and yet I'd never heard of haemochromatosis or iron overload. I thought if I hadn't heard of it, then there were probably many in the medical community who hadn't either and people were most likely walking around with iron overload like me and remaining undetected for years. The FerriScan was quick and painless and is an excellent alternative to liver biopsy for patients who want to find out their exact level of iron loading. The Haemochromatosis Society is working with the providers of FerriScan, Resonance Health, to promote awareness of iron overload and improve health outcomes for people affected by this disease."
– Margaret Rankin; Patron and Past President of Haemochromatosis Australia.

FerriScan Fact Sheets