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HepaFat-Scan® Information for Patients

13 March, 2015

HepaFat-Scan is a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-based technology for the non-invasive measurement of liver fat. It provides a reliable measure of volume percentage of liver fat for screening, diagnosis, treatment planning and monitoring of patients in a variety of clinical settings.

What Does HepaFat-Scan Offer You?

  • A non-invasive – safe and painless alternative to liver biopsy
  • An accurate result
  • A faster alternative, resulting in reduced anxiety for patients by providing a reduction in testing and result waiting times.
  • A test which can be used repeatedly, allowing for increased quality of life through more efficient testing and treatment programs.

Potential Clinical Applications

Gastroenterology and Hepatology Applications

  • Initial workup for Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) diagnosis and for patient education and counselling.
  • Liver fat analysis on patients already being screened or monitored for fibrosis or cirrhosis. 

 Surgical Applications

  • Fatty liver assessment prior to liver surgery, due to increased complications with the presence of liver fat
  • Screening for suitability of living donors for liver transplants by assisting in determining the viability of the liver
  • Pre and post operative analysis of bariatric patients to track clinical outcomes.

Applications by Primary Care Physicians

  • HepaFat-Scan may be useful to screen patients prior to prescribing known hepatotoxic medications.
  • Monitoring of patients undergoing an intervention (e.g. limiting alcohol consumption or weight loss)
  • Monitoring of patients prescribed medications known to induce steatosis


HepaFat-Scan Fact Sheet