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Business Overview

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Resonance Health is a MedTech company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:RHT). Resonance Health specialises in the development and commercialisation of non-invasive medical imaging analysis and clinical trial services. We provide innovative industry leading quantitative calculations and evaluations essential in the management of particular diseases, especially in relation to iron overload and hepatic steatosis.

FerriScan® was the first product brought to market and provides an accurate non-invasive assessment of liver iron, largely removing the need for a liver biopsy in many patients with iron overload conditions.

HepaFat-Scan® gained FDA clearance in December 2013 for the evaluation of fatty liver. FerriScan® and HepaFat-Scan® are analysed in Resonance Health’s image analysis laboratory (Core Lab), which provides quality certified central image analysis services to the clinical community and to clinical trials. Accurate imaging end points are increasingly used in clinical trials, providing quantitative and direct evidence for regulatory submissions.

Since then, Resonance Health has broadened its portfolio with both Core Lab and AI Powered products for optimal screening, diagnosis, and management of patients in a variety of clinical settings.
Registered Office and Principal Place of Business
141 Burswood Road
Burswood Western Australia 6100
ABN 96 006 762 492

Postal Address
PO Box 71
Burswood Western Australia 6100
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Mitchell Wells
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130 Stirling Street
Perth Western Australia 6000
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