21 Oct ACG 2022 Annual Scientific Meeting, Charlotte, North Carolina

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London Blood Transfusion Forum and Education Event

14 October, 2016

14 October 2016

London Blood Transfusion Forum and Education

London, UK

Resonance Health will be attending this important symposium which brings together haematologists, transfusion practitioners, and laboratory managers to share best practice in transfusion. The meeting is centred around SHOT (Serious Hazards of Transfusion) and presentations will include the patients transfusion passport, shared care, and electronic documentation of transfusion.

Multiple blood transfusions can result in iron overload and as such FerriScan is ideally suited to assist with patient monitoring and management in this setting. Our Marketing Director, Melanie Baxter, and Research Consultant, Susanna Katay Davies (MD), will look forward to meeting with delegates. Please drop by our stand on the day or contact susannak@resonancehealth.com to arrange a meeting.