Resonance Health News - December 2017

Resonance Health is delighted to provide you with our latest quarterly newsletter where you can find an update on all our latest acitvities.

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We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy holidays and a safe and healthy 2018!

Collaborative Partnership commences to develop new AI diagnostic tools

Resonance Health is pleased to announce a collaboration with Perth Radiological Clinic (PRC) with the signing of a JV term sheet.  This JV allows RH and PRC to assess the viability of the development and commercialisation of several diagnostic tools.

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Resonance Health News - September 2017

We are very pleased to provide an update of our most recent and upcoming activities. It has been a very productive quarter and we look forward to further progressing our exciting AI project.


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Resonance Health News - June 2017

We are excited to release our second newsletter of the calender year, in what has been an extremely busy period here at Resonance Health. We look forward to sharing further information and welcome your ongoing participation.


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Uncertainty over Serum Ferritin in Cancer Survivors

There is increasing recognition that paediatric cancer survivors are at risk of transfusion-related iron overload caused by their intensive treatment regimes. The results of a recent study demonstrate problems with the current screening method (serum ferritin) for iron overload in this field. Resonance Health’s FerriScan® technology, the globally recognised gold standard for the assessment of iron overload, is ideally positioned as a reliable, non-invasive alternative.

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The Thalassaemia International Federation (TIF) has released a Media Release and Clinical Alert to warn of the potential dangers of an unsafe MRI ‘T2*’ technique used widely for the assessment of iron overload and the critical need to use validated techniques such as FerriScan. 

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