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Collaborative Partnership commences to develop new AI diagnostic tools

17 October, 2017

Resonance Health is pleased to announce a collaboration with Perth Radiological Clinic (PRC) with the signing of a JV term sheet.  This JV allows RH and PRC to assess the viability of the development and commercialisation of several diagnostic tools.

Perth Radiological Clinic is the longest established private radiology practice in Perth. It was one of the first private practices in Australia to introduce a fully integrated PACS/RIS in 2005 and the first to have fully redundant, secure, online storage of all images and reports since 2010 representing a vast database of images across all modalities.

The strategic partnership with PRC will be utilising our own artificial intelligence (AI) expertise, which has recently resulted in the development and prototype testing of an AI solution for liver iron concentration measurement that is currently undergoing beta-testing to provide an automated cloud-based FerriScan service to emerging growth markets.

Resonance Health intends to apply existing skills in medical image diagnostics and an outstanding AI skillset to a significant number of de-identified data sets from several highly prevalent medical conditions with a view to developing new AI analysis services.

Resonance Health welcomes this significant opportunity to venture outside of MRI liver imaging technologies, and remains dedicated to further diversifying our available services.

For more information regarding this collaboration, please email Alison Laws at alisonl@resonancehealth.com.