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Results Published Recommending Use of FerriScan in Sickle Cell Disease

10 November, 2016

FerriScan has received further endorsement for the management of patients with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) in apaper recently published by the highly respected Dr Janet Kwiatkowski team at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, USA.

The paper, published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Paediatric Oncology, reports on the benefits of FerriScan in the management of Sickle Cell patients receiving transfusions, and the reduction of liver iron burden for patients at risk. The conclusion is that routine use of FerriScan R2-MRI for patients with SCD receiving regular blood transfusions is recommended.

This evidence will assist the momentum of Resonance Health’s educational campaign to promote use of FerriScan in SCD, which affects over 100,000 people in the USA alone. Up to 15% of patients with SCD receive regular blood transfusions as part of their treatment, resulting in iron overload. As such, these patients require quantitative liver iron concentration monitoring, for which FerriScan R2-MRI is considered the global gold-standard. 

The publication has now been granted Open Access status which enables barrier-free dissemination among the scientific and clinical community. To read the paper please click here…

Resonance Health recently attended the national Sickle Cell Disease Association of America(SCDAA) conference in the US, a prestigious annual event where the Company’s Hospital Specialist, Pat Corley, received a special award for her contribution to the Sickle Cell Disease community. In London the Company also had a prominent presence at the international ASCAT Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia conference in October, attended by over 100 delegates, which provided opportunity to promote awareness of the new publication.

Resonance Health is working closely with the clinical community and patient advocacy groups to lobby for access to FerriScan and will continue to pro-actively work with established and new FerriScan providers to increase the availability of the test to SCD patients. The evidence in the paper also strengthens the case for future reimbursement of FerriScan, acheivement of which will further broaden availability to patients.