21 Oct ACG 2022 Annual Scientific Meeting, Charlotte, North Carolina

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Sherif Boulos

23 March, 2016

Dr Sherif Boulos

Clinical Research Manager


Sherif is tasked with identifying and co-ordinating clinical studies in which Resonance Health’s products can add value.  With a focus on HepaFat-Scan and our developing liver fibrosis technology, his work has already led to a number of new and important studies in the NAFLD/NASH and diabetes fields.

Prior to joining Resonance Health, he established a research laboratory investigating brain diseases while teaching undergraduates and supervising post-graduate students. Well before this time, he worked as a sales engineer, product specialist, and technical sales executive with a number of medical and laboratory supply companies. Combined, his working life has spanned both the academic and commercial worlds.

Married with two teenaged children, he enjoys Perth’s abundant coastal lifestyle while occasionally finding time to play guitar.