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Thalassaemia International Federation Pan-Asia Conference 2015

26 September, 2015

26-27 SEPTEMBER 2015

Thalassaemia International Federation Pan-Asia Conference 2015

Ha Noi, Vietnam

In addition to their international conferences, the Thalassaemia International Federation holds regional conferences which focus on the specific needs and challenges faced by the countries within each region.

As patients with thalassaemia receive regular or intermittent blood transfusions they are at risk of iron overload. The role of FerriScan® within this region will be further explored.

Resonance Health's Chief Scientific Officer, Prof. Tim St Pierre, has been invited to present on "MRI Technologies for Measurement of Tissue Iron Concentrations".

To arrange to meet with the team at the conference please email info@resonancehealth.com

For further information regarding the conference please click here. The Programme is availalbe to view here.