21 Oct ACG 2022 Annual Scientific Meeting, Charlotte, North Carolina

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Uncertainty over Serum Ferritin in Cancer Survivors

23 June, 2017

There is increasing recognition that paediatric cancer survivors are at risk of transfusion-related iron overload caused by their intensive treatment regimes. The results of a recent study demonstrate problems with the current screening method (serum ferritin) for iron overload in this field. Resonance Health’s FerriScan® technology, the globally recognised gold standard for the assessment of iron overload, is ideally positioned as a reliable, non-invasive alternative.

Resonance Health’s Chief Scientific Officer, Professor Tim St Pierre, will be presenting the abstract of the study ”The Relationship Between Serum Ferritin and Liver Iron Concentration in Pediatric Cancer Survivors”’ during the European Hematology Association (EHA) Congress on 23rd June 2017 in the Spanish capital.

In collaboration with the University of Minnesota, data from cancer survivors with elevated serum ferritin or iron overload was used to assess the accuracy of serum ferritin in comparison to the reference standard, FerriScan. The relationship between the serum ferritin and the liver iron concentration results (the most effective measure of total body iron stores) from Ferriscan, varies between different patient and age groups. These results highlight the difficulties in relying on serum ferritin to screen for and manage iron overload.

If you are in attendance during the EHA Congress this weekend, the abstract can be viewed in the abstract gallery. To arrange a meeting with the Resonance Health team at EHA, please email melanieb@resonancehealth.com.