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Conference Showcase – April & May 2016

1 June, 2016


Our team has had a busy couple of months with attendance at seven key conferences, globally.

European Association for the Study of the Liver & the Liver Forum

Resonance Health’s Chief Scientific Officer, Prof. Tim St Pierre, and Clinical Research Manager, Sherif Boulos, were amongst 10,000 hepatology experts in attendance at the EASL congress held in Spain in April. The EASL congress and the associated Liver Forum provided a fantastic networking opportunity with clinicians and pharmaceutical organisations. Education was provided to clinicians on the benefits of FerriScan for Liver Iron Concentration measurement and HepaFat-Scan for Liver Fat Fraction measurement. Exciting and beneficial meetings were held with Key Opinion Leaders and pharmaceutical organisations alike regarding existing, pipeline, and new studies in which HepaFat-Scan has a potential role.

10th Annual Sickle Cell Symposium: The Next Generation Promoting Sickle Cell Research and Care – Major Advances

Attending the 10th Annual Sickle Cell Disease Research & Educational Symposium in Florida provided Resonance Health with the opportunity to share our technology with the Sickle Cell community, field questions on iron overload and FerriScan, and hold personal meetings with key stakeholders, including the new ASH President-elect. Topics included new developments in the treatment of Sickle Cell conditions and gene therapy as well as other innovative treatment modalities/options. Approximately 500 delegates were in attendance.

International Society of Haematology World Congress

The 36th ISH World Congress, held in Scotland in April, was attended by over 2,000 UK and international Haematologists. The conference was attended by Resonance Health’s Chief Scientific Officer, Prof. Tim St Pierre and Marketing Director, Melanie Baxter. Our team showcased our FerriScan and HepaFat-Scan technologies and the benefits they offer to the haematology community.

ISH Booth

Prof. John Porter from the University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust delivered a presentation on: “How should we investigate new referrals for Hyperferritinaemia?”. The presentation highlighted the combined role of our FerriScan and HepaFat-Scan technologies in this setting. Encouraging and productive meetings were also held with key stakeholders including pharmaceutical organisations, patient advocacy groups, and Key Opinion Leaders.

HÄMATOLOGIE HEUTE Symposium on Sickle Cell Disease

The 5th Symposium on Sickle Cell Disease was held in Germany in April with Resonance Health’s German-based Representative, Tilo Stolzke, and Chief Scientific Officer, Prof. Tim St Pierre, exhibiting. Prof. Tim St Pierre delivered a presentation on Monitoring of Iron Overload which demonstrated the benefits of FerriScan in patient management. The participants primarily consisted of clinicians actively treating patients with Sickle Cell Disease and transfusional iron overload. Attendance at the symposium allowed personal meetings with clinicians, pharmaceutical organisations, and patient advocacy groups. A concern was raised on the rapid increase of patients living with Sickle Cell Disease and Thalassaemia in Germany; emphasising the need for patient-management education in this field.

Genetic Haemochromatosis UK National Conference

Resonance Health’s Clinical Research Manager, Dr Sherif Boulos proudly presented as the Key Note Speaker on the role of FerriScan in Haemochromatosis at this national conference organised by the Haemochromatosis Society. The benefits of using FerriScan for monitoring and management of iron overload were explained to delegates and our information stand attracted significant interest. Dr Boulos and our Marketing Director, Melanie Baxter, were able to personally liaise with and educate patients which was a particularly rewarding outcome of our attendance. We continue to work very closely with the Haemochromatosis Society as part of our educational collaboration in the UK to empower patients with knowledge.

International Workshop on NASH Biomarkers

The 1st International Workshop of NASH Biomarkers, held in Washington DC in April, facilitated collaborations with experts in the field of Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) and Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD). Information was shared and explored on the potential of HepaFat-Scan to improve diagnosis and management of chronic liver disease. Dr Sherif Boulos, Clinical Research Manager, delivered a well-received poster presentation – “Stereological analysis of Liver Biopsy histology sections as a reference standard for validating fat fraction measurements by MRI”. Discussions were progressed on future study opportunities using our HepaFat-Scan technology.

UK Forum on Haemoglobin Disorders

Collaborations with the global Thalassaemia medical community were strengthened at this UKFHD 42nd Academic Meeting in London in May. Resonance Health’s Marketing Director, Melanie Baxter, and Susanna Katay-Davies, our UK Research Consultant were delighted to participate in the presentation of the 3rd edition of the Standards for the Clinical Care of Children and Adults with Thalassaemia in the UK. These important guidelines recommend FerriScan over other MRI techniques for the monitoring and management of iron overload as it is validated, robustly standardised, and licensed for liver iron concentration measurement.

Professor Tim St Pierre, Chief Scientific Officer of Resonance Health, said:

FerriScan has become the Gold Standard for measurement of liver iron concentration in haemoglobin disorders. The UK Standards of Care further substantiate the position of FerriScan as the only method that offers the standardisation that is a prerequisite for reliable measurements on which to base patient treatment decisions. There is no substitute for accuracy.

To read more on the standards please click here.


We look forward to the next conference opportunities to profile our technologies at the 10th Sickle Cell in Focus Conference in the US and The European Hematology Association (EHA) Congress in June.