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Conference Update: China Symposium on NAFLD in Shanghai

23 July, 2015

The symposia on Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) in Shanghai was co-organised by the China Medical Association and Zhongshan Hospital Fudan University, chaired by Prof Gao Xin.

Dr Wenjie Pang from Resonance Health’s research team presented an abstract on our HepaFat-Scan® technology to over 40 delegates at a select meeting which sparked strong interest. The abstract was titled “Accurate Liver Volumetric Fat Measurement – Stereological Analysis of Liver Biopsy Histology Sections as a Reference Standard or Validating Non-invasive Liver Fat Fraction Measurements by MRI”.

Wenjie also networked with Key Opinion Leaders in the main congress attended by several hundred delegates. A major focus of the programme was NAFLD research, drug development and non-invasive techniques. This was an important opportunity for Resonance Health to raise awareness on the advantages of HepaFat-Scan compared to ultrasound and to make new connections to progress opportunity in the China market. 

For more information on the conference please email info@resonancehealth.com