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Distribution Agreement with EnvoyAI

15 January, 2019

Resonance Health is pleased to announce that it has entered into a Distribution Agreement with EnvoyAI for the distribution of the Company’s FerriSmart® product, which recently received FDA regulatory clearance.

Headquartered in Durham, NC, EnvoyAI is the world’s first medical imaging artificial intelligence marketplace and it provides a cloud-based, vendor-neutral distribution platform that integrates machine learning into radiology, giving physicians access to over 53 AI solutions developed and delivered by more than 31 AI partners globally.

The platform, called EnvoyAI Exchange, comprises a content-rich AI marketplace for medical tools including a refined suite of market-ready AI solutions aimed at promoting wider access and clinical use of medical imaging algorithms within busy radiology practices.

The Distribution Agreement will enable seamless integration of the Company’s ground-breaking machine learning solution, FerriSmart®, into the EnvoyAI Exchange, which is being sold into a customer base of over 5,000 installations globally, including 85 of the largest 100 hospitals in the US.

Resonance Health CEO, Alison Laws, said this of the Distribution Agreement: “Resonance Health is delighted to be working with EnvoyAI to deliver accessible, scalable, solutions for radiology to provide the highest quality data and support tools to assist clinical decision making and patient management.  All existing and future customers of EnvoyAI will now have access to FerriSmart® in seamless integration with their existing workflows and Resonance Health looks forward to being of service.”

About EnvoyAI:

EnvoyAI facilitates the streamlined distribution and hospital implementation of trained machine learning algorithms via a vendor neutral distribution platform. The platform allows users anywhere to access cloud-based algorithms without requiring access to the algorithm code or training data to protect Protected Health Information and developer intellectual property. EnvoyAI provides for rapid deployment via a scalable, secure, cloud-based infrastructure with the ability to add local components to facilitate on-site deployments as well. EnvoyAI works with distribution partners to make algorithms on the platform available to a very wide footprint of hospitals and, ultimately, to physicians. For more information, visit www.envoyai.com