21 Oct ACG 2022 Annual Scientific Meeting, Charlotte, North Carolina

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13 March, 2015

Resonance Health currently has two products on the market; FerriScan® (with or without a Cardiac T2* component) and HepaFat-Scan®.

These products are magnetic resonance imaging based solutions that provide quantitative liver measurements, with the distinctive advantage over liver biopsy of being non-invasive. The products are provided via a unique Quality Assured Service Delivery model. All data is analysed in a central Service Centre with a patient report being returned to our customers. 

FerriScan and HepaFat-Scan have regulatory clearance in the USA, Europe and Australia and have been clinically validated against liver biopsy; demonstrating accurate, reliable and reproducible results.


FerriScan is globally recognised as the gold standard for the quantitative measurement of liver iron concentration. It is extensively used in clinical settings for the management of patients with potentially life-threatening iron overload disorders and by pharmaceutical companies for the assessment of their investigational products in clinical trials.

FerriScan is also offered as a dual service in combination with a Cardiac T2* measurement to allow a more comprehensive assessment of iron overload.


HepaFat-Scan provides a quantitative measurement of hepatic steatosis as a volume percentage of fat in liver tissue. It is available for the screening, diagnosis, treatment planning, and monitoring of patients at risk from fatty liver disease in a variety of clinical settings. Potential clinical applications include gastroenterology, hepatology, and surgical applications, as well as use by primary care physicians.