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Resonance Health announce new CEO

23 February, 2018

The Company has today announced the appointment of Alison Laws to the position of Chief Executive Officer for the Company, effective 23 February 2018.

Alison joined Resonance Health over a year ago, initially as a Research Consultant and subsequently as Global Account Manager. As part of corporate restructuring, Alison was transferred into the role of Business Development Officer to further business development opportunities for the Company, and to streamline and focus operations to meet Company needs moving forwards.

Dr Martin Blake, Chairman of Resonance Health, says “Alison has been instrumental in the work undertaken during the Company’s restructuring efforts in order to meet organizational needs and commercial objectives, and has had significant impact on the Company since joining in 2016.

“Resonance Health has now moved into a focused commercialisation phase after an extended period of successful R&D and we believe Alison will be integral in this next phase of the Company. Whilst R&D will continue aggressively on several key projects, the Company is actively pursuing business development opportunities in a variety of sectors and we are very pleased that Alison will be spearheading these efforts.”