21 Oct ACG 2022 Annual Scientific Meeting, Charlotte, North Carolina

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Sickle Cell Disease Association of America – Sickle Cell Convention

27 September, 2016

27 September – 1 October 2016

44th Sickle Cell Convention – Sickle Cell Disease Association of America (SCDAA)

Baltimore, US

The 4 day SCDAA Convention combines an impressive combination of events to cover the complexity of Sickle Cell Disease, including new innovative symposia, training seminars, interactive panel discussions, exhibitor expos and a patient empowerment luncheon. The Resonance Health US-based team will be in attendance and have a booth.

Our Global Consultant, USA, Sheila Murphy, as well as Pat Corley (RN), our Hospital Specialist, will be in attendance. Pat is a prior winner of the Eliot Vinchinsky Award for Excellence in Sickle Cell Disease. They invite you to stop by the Resonance Health booth to say hello and have your questions answered regarding FerriScan. Please also feel free to contact Sheila Murphy sheilam@resonancehealth.com, +1 (310) 710-9656 anytime to learn more about how FerriScan may be an option for your Sickle Cell patients.

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