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We develop innovative Core Lab and AI Powered MRI related technologies that provide quality assured non-invasive multiparametric evaluations to partner with you in patient care.

Regulatory Body Cleared

Core Lab Products

We provide innovative industry leading quantitative calculations and evaluations essential in the management of particular diseases, especially in relation to iron overload and hepatic steatosis.

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Resonance Health’s long standing product, providing the gold standard in Liver Iron Concentration (LIC) analysis.

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Resonance Health’s gold standard to evaluate volume fraction of fat in liver tissue in patients at risk from fatty liver.

Cardiac T2*

The most widely accepted MRI-based method for heart iron assessment. FDA Cleared, CE Marked and ARTG listed.


MRI-based method for bone marrow iron assessment. CE Marked, ARTG listed.​

Regulatory Body Cleared

AI Products

Since the success of FerriScan®, Resonance Health has amplified its portfolio by developing AI Powered products that use a specially trained convolutional neural network (artificial intelligence – machine learning) to analyse MR and other medical images.


Resonance Health’s first AI product, using specially trained convolutional neural networks to analyse R2-MRI images to quantify the patient’s LIC in seconds.


Resonance Health’s AI product, using specially trained convolutional neural networks to analyse MRI images to quantify the patient’s liver steatosis.


An AI Powered solution for liver multi-metric evaluation that combines FerriSmart® and HepaFat-AI®, into a single consolidated report

Clinical Trials

Resonance Health has extensive experience in providing quantitative imaging measurements and CRO services for multinational and multicenter clinical trials worldwide.

Calibration Products

Resonance Health manufactures high quality phantoms for the calibration of MRI machines. Quality assured under ISO 13485:2016.

T1CMR Phantom

T1MES phantom for T1 and ECV mapping of MRI scanners. FDA Listed, CE Marked

Other bespoke Phantom products on request.

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