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FerriScan® Information for Patients

FerriScan – the Non-invasive Liver Iron Test FerriScan is a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-based technology for the non-invasive measurement of liver iron concentration. The test is designed to assist in the diagnosis and treatment planning for patients with iron loading disorders (commonly referred to as "iron overload" conditions). Perth patient, John Falconer, who was diagnosed …

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FerriScan® Information for Clinicians

FerriScan is being used by clinicians in over 30 countries worldwide to aid their diagnosis, management and monitoring of iron overload. FerriScan is a solution with proven value in improving the health outcomes of patients suffering from diseases such as thalassaemia, sickle cell disease, haemochromatosis and myelodysplastic syndrome. Frequently Asked Questions FerriScan FAQ for Clinicians …

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Easy Setup for Radiology Centres

Following an easy setup process, Resonance Health provides a range of clinical image analysis services of MRI scans via a unique quality assured service delivery model: FerriScan® – the global gold standard for the measurement of liver iron concentration (LIC) Cardiac T2* – assessment of cardiac iron (FerriScan add-on) HepaFat-Scan® – measurement of volumetric liver fat fraction (VLFF) …

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Organ iron load graph

Iron Overload

What is iron overload? Iron overload is the accumulation of excess iron in the body. People who receive multiple blood transfusions in the course of treatment for certain diseases are at particular risk of iron overload as the body has no natural mechanism for excreting iron. One unit of transfused red cells delivers approximately 250mg …

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Cardiac T2* with FerriScan® – Dual Analysis Service

Cardiac T2* for Iron Assessment is a service that is offered seperately or as part of a dual analysis package with FerriScan to provide more comprehensive information regarding body iron stores. The Liver and Heart in Iron Overload Changes in liver iron concentration generally precede changes in heart iron loading, acting as an early warning …

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FerriScan® – MRI Measurement of Liver Iron Concentration

FerriScan® provides an accurate measurement of liver iron concentration (LIC) through a non-invasive, MRI-based technology. The measurement is performed in a central Service Centre and provided via our unique Quality Assured Service Delivery model. FerriScan® was regulatory cleared by the FDA for the measurement of LIC in 2005. In January 2013 FerriScan gained an additional clearance …

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