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Cardiac T1 Mapping and ECV Phantom (T1MES)  What is T1MES? The T1 Mapping and ECV Standardization Program (“T1MES”) was developed to explore T1 mapping quality assurance on 1.5 and 3T magnets across numerous CMR centres worldwide. This program progressed with the development and regulatory approval of a T1MES phantom. The T1MES Phantom was originally designed by …

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Bone Marrow R2-MRI

Bone Marrow R2-MRI is an MRI-based solution for assessing iron levels in the bone marrow. Both decreased and increased bone marrow iron are of clinical significance; for example multiple blood transfusions can result in greatly increased bone marrow iron and conversely, the definitive test of iron deficiency is examination of iron from bone marrow aspirates. …

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FerriScan: Patient Management Guidelines

An increasing number of patient treatment guidelines for thalassaemia, sickle cell disease, myelodysplastic syndrome and haemochromatosis recommend using MRI to quantitatively measure liver iron concentration. Please note that a reference to R2 MRI is referring to FerriScan.  The following are excerpts from treatment guidelines – click on the title to view the full document.  UK …

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Resonance Health currently has two products on the market; FerriScan® (with or without a Cardiac T2* component) and HepaFat-Scan®. These products are magnetic resonance imaging based solutions that provide quantitative liver measurements, with the distinctive advantage over liver biopsy of being non-invasive. The products are provided via a unique Quality Assured Service Delivery model. All …

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HepaFat-Scan® Information for Patients

HepaFat-Scan is a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-based technology for the non-invasive measurement of liver fat. It provides a reliable measure of volume percentage of liver fat for screening, diagnosis, treatment planning and monitoring of patients in a variety of clinical settings. What Does HepaFat-Scan Offer You? A non-invasive – safe and painless alternative to liver …

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clinical validation graph- HepaFat-Scan

HepaFat-Scan® Information for Clinicians

Potential Clinical Applications Gastroenterology and Hepatology Applications Initial workup for NAFLD diagnosis and for patient education and counselling. Liver fat analysis on patients already being screened or monitored for fibrosis or cirrhosis. Recent research indicates that patients with NAFLD and NASH can develop liver cancer without progressing through cirrhosis. Surgical Applications Scanning of patients with …

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HepaFat-Scan® – MRI Measurement of Liver Fat

HepaFat-Scan is a non-invasive MRI-based solution for measuring the volume fraction of fat in liver tissue. HepaFat-Scan is provided as an image analysis service; with analysis and reporting provided from the Resonance Health ISO 13485 certified Service Centre via our Quality Assured Service Delivery model. The HepaFat-Scan software is the first and only method with …

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Canada FerriScan is reimbursed in all Canadian provinces as an 'Out-of-Country Medical Service'. The treating clinician must forward an application for each patient to the province's Ministry of Health (MOH) for approval. Once approved, the MOH will grant a timeframe for the patient to have their FerriScan and/or Cardiac T2*.  To help with the application …

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